Wednesday 16 February 2011

What camera gear do you take to 20,000 feet?

If you follow me on twitter or FB the chances are you already know about what my dad and I are doing in the next week or so...

We are climbing Kilimanjaro, the highest freestanding mountain in the world.

At just shy of 20,000 feet its a big un, and will take us 6 days of solid trekking to get to the top.

What makes it all the more of a challenge is the fact my dads blind...

For all the info on what,who,when,where and why see the just giving page here:


Anyway why your here, camera gear!

When you have to haul all your gear up that big hill for 6 days you start thinking about every little bit of I have slimmed down the bag from the full camera bag to the smaller Lowe Pro Nova 170 AW.

See what my normal bag looks like here:

Anyway...some photos of what the Kili Bag looks like:

This is the one...The Lowe pro Nova 170 AW. Perfect for the job, belt loops on the back for the waist strap of the bag so its always there, quick to open buckle, AW cover for when shit goes south, tough enough that I'm not scared of it ripping all the time, and big enough to fit a fair amount of gear in! WIN WIN WIN

This is the gear that's inside that thing... and even though the bag my be small, as I don't want to get to the top and think " if only I had that lens" I am taking all my best glass...which isn't the lightest option...the bag still comes in at around 4.5 KG...that's very light for what it is, but its still a notable amount to carry up to that height...

Here is the gear then...In the front pocket you have the SLR Gorilapod, study enough for the d300s and 80-200 if needs be.

Then Nikon D300s with 15mm Fish eye
Nikon 80-200 2.8
Nikon 50mm 1.8
Shotgun Mic
Lots of batteries
Lots of memory cards ( 100 gig worth )
and some shit to clean it all with...

The belly of the beast. Lots of batteries, lens and GoPro all wedged in there like sardines...

Anyway that pretty much sums up what I'm taking... I will be in a total media black hole for just over a phone, no Internet, no Facebook, no nothing!

So if you need me, email me and I will get back ASAP.

Anyway visit the just giving page via the link above the photos, and please, donate what you can.



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