Wednesday 5 January 2011

Could tell me what a career in photography is like?

Someone just sent me a message asking me a few things about starting in photography and I kind of just wrote an answer without thinking, just went for it back and thought it was worthy of sharing with more people than just the person who sent the question...


I was just wondering if you could tell me what a career in photography is like.

I'm at that stage where you don't know what to do as a career, and photography is one of the things I am into and enjoy doing and think I would enjoy as a career.

Could you please tell me what the best way into photography would be and how hard it is to build up a client list like yours (I have seen it via your website).

I would appreciate it if you could email me back.

Thank you,

I myself am only just starting out in this whole photography thing in the grand scheme of things but so far I can tell you its damn hard work, and has very little or no job security, has very long hours, and you need to be willing to get up at 4am and sit in the rain till 8pm for very little money,its SUPER competitive and only getting worse and unless you are really good, and have more enthusiasm,drive,skill,and business acumen than the million other you's out there you wont succeed. Its a very hard time to be a photographer right now.

But on the flip side, Its also one of the most exciting times, for me this is my dream job and I love every second of it, I wouldn't be doing anything else in the world.

As for how to get in to it, Get out and shoot the best stuff you can, share the best of the best online, and when you get good enough doors will start opening, if they don't maybe think again about it as a job, and keep it as a hobby?

And to get a clients list like mine has taken 2 years full time, 3 years before then doing it every waking moment god gave me for nothing more than the love of it, and 2 years before that playing about with cameras. The clients just come as you get better.

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