Wednesday 29 December 2010

New Wideopen Mag

The new WO mag is out now, and another bumper issue full of MTB goodness...including a fair few shots from yours truely...Here are just a few of my shots in the new issue and a little bit of info on them...

This shot is of elite racer Rob Smith at the 2010 finals of the BDS races pinning through the root and stump fest of a top section, just one of those shots where the riders body possition, good light , and good comp says it all.

This is the Cover for issue 14, and its Sam Dale smashing in to a little rut we found, you have no idea how hard they where smashing in to this but you can get an idea from how aggresive his body position is.

This is a page from the spread about a few days I spent up with Josh and Sam while they where filming for Speedkings ( ) Few good riding shots and a great portrait of Josh

This is a shot from a peice they did with Marc Beaumont, a shot from Ft Bill WC, just looks fast, and really love this shot...

Sit down, take some time out, and have a read...

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