Tuesday 9 November 2010

Few randoms from last season...

When ever anyone asks me for photos of a rider, It means me searching through all the shots I have taken this season, and that's no small task.

Now I'm not complaining, its my job to do this but when I do I quite often find other photos that I missed first time round looking for things totally different.

So this morning I got an email from the editor of WO asking for a few snaps of Marc B from the season for his interview in the next issue, and as I was going through I saw a few random shots from a few races and they just jumped out at me as wanting a bit of extra attention and putting online... so here they are with a bit about when they where taken.

First is a shot of Josh Brcyeland doing a tricky jump on the Champery Wc track, steep dusty shoot run in, to this big triple, I waited there for a good 15 Min's waiting for someone to come down and put some style in to it while the sun was out, getting both at the same time isn't so easy ha

Another one from Champery, but this time just a wide shot where I was trying to show the big switch backs that make up most of the track, steep, gnarly, off the back of the bike, everything a real track should be.

Now to the other end of the season and Rd1 in Maribor...
One of the few riding shots of Hill I have from this season, and this was the worst days shooting I had all year, qualis in Maribor where heavy rain all day, and sitting in one spot for 5 hours as people did 1 practice run early on, then nothing till there 1 quali run...on a mountain, in the cold, and rain, soaked to the skin... FUN!

One of Gee at Val Di Sole this time, right near the bottom of the track, just like the colours and composition, not to sure why but I just like it, and when you consider this was the first real photo op in the woods from the bottom ( eg, min effort to shoot ) its all the sweeter.

Mr Minnar in the top rocks at Val... the light on practice day was just amazing, the section was Tog Deep as Keith would say. Anyway he walked up to do it again, and just as he passed through some trees I snapped this, just a moment of calm in all the chaos of the WCs

Nothing like a good old sequence shot. Now I know this isn't perfect with all the overlapping and the fact hes not sideways but there in is the story...

I waited for Bren in particular to come down for half an hour, he had been whipping the bottom jumps at Champery hard all week so I thought this shot would sum that up.

Anyway coming in to the jump he got a bit sketchy so backed off so was a bit of a huck to just clear it, any who...looks nice I think.

Thanks all

Keep your eyes on the blog for new on a few things coming in the next few days...



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