Monday 6 September 2010

The party camera!

Right first off sorry for not updating this thing for the last week. I was out in Germany covering Euro bike for and it was totaly manic! up at 5:45am, running round the show all day working, then home to edit and bed at 1-2am. rinse and repeat for 5 days and you have the last week of my life.

So not much time for updating my blog.

BUT! now im home, and have some free time, so will be updating the front page of my site, the videos page and the clients page.

And have had a sort through of some new photos of mine.

About a month ago I got a cheap as shit point and shoot, fully auto bit of crap from amazon. the thoughts being that with a camera that cheap that I dont care about I would take it everywhere, on nights out, to the beach, swimming everything and would be able to document parts of being a teenager you just couldnt do with £0000s of gear.

So for the last month its come on all my travels and gone to a few partys, and there are just a few of the one that stood out from the crowd in my opinion...Enjoy.

Will put more up in another month or so:

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