Saturday 12 June 2010

New camera!

Im finaly getting a nice camera...

One of my mates who shoots a lot of modeling stuff won a camera in a magazine comp, but he won a D300s and shoots canon... so said he would give it to me posted to my door for £1k, thats about 200 quid off. And as Ive not had a bad month I thought yeh why not!

Does all I need and more, has MUCH better auto focus and faster fps than the D90 ( the 2 areas I was finding it didnt quite do what I needed ) and also has a nice high quality stereo external mic input which is another thing I needed.

So Have ordered the D300s, New top spec CF and SD cards for its dual card slots, and a nice new manfroto video tripod head... battery grip and external mic next month.

Will let you know what i think of it after Wc 3.

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