Friday 23 April 2010

The Athertons

A few weeks ago now in the week before the first BDS i went up to north wales for the 2010 launch of team Atherton/Commencial.

All in all a good day and good to see and chat to the guys (and girl) outside a race enviroment where there all stressed and focused on winning... totaly differant feeling.

Anyway day started with a talk from them, interviews with them, tour of the team, bikes, plans etc, then few photos and chat with them.

I spent the hour or so of the talks and such wandering about inside the tent just taking photos of things as they happened.

More posed photos and the best ones are being saved back as some are running in the next MBUK so check that out when it hits the shelvs.

Anyway a simple Black and White shot of all 3 of them, and a short interview i did with Gee with a few more photos in it.

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