Tuesday 23 March 2010

My few days with Josh Bryceland

For those of you who dont know Josh"rat boy,miami,bryce" bryceland is ex junior world champ, world cup pro and team mate with steve peat and greg minnar so a bit of a big name...

Last month i went up and stayed with him for 3 days at his place filming a day (or 3) in the life of video for dirt.

I had caught him on a rest week so was pretty chilled just messing about and having fun, seeing his mates,something that with his hektic lifestyle he doesnt get to do to much...and something he misses im sure. first shoot with a DH racer ive done where we didnt go anywhere near a dh track, so no photos of him shreding turns. but im sure i will get another chance ;)

So i just hung out with him and his mates, and filmed it all and got some great images from it all.

Mission done by all accounts i feel...

2 Photos and the Dirt vid, for more photos wait till i know whats happening to them, or keep an eye on the next dirt.

ps: blog posts galore over the next week or 2 so keep it locked!

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