Tuesday 19 January 2010

Locals the film

A short free to view online film about a select few of SouthWest Englads best riders. Shot on a Nikon D90 all over the SouthWest with both up and coming riders and guys that have already raced in world cups. A big thanks to all the supporters: www.mtbcut.tv , www.britishdownhillseries.com , www.wideopenmag.co.uk, www.juicelubes.co.uk. www.dirtmountainbike.com, www.mpora.com

That is the blurb anyway.

Been a long prosess of some 4 months, a lot of hard work, late nights, long days, miles and miles on foot and by car and early mornings galore but all worth it.

Wanted to make a proper extended web film for years, made half of one years ago before i ever got in to photography for some fun with my mates but never got it done.This time though i have and im happy with it, first of MUCH more video content coming outa me in the next year so keep an eye on it.


More Mountain Biking >>


More Mountain Biking >>

Ta let me know what you think and be constructive, this is my first film.



  1. Followed the link from a thread on STW. Watched twice now and really liked it (am local trail rider). Captures the spirit of British riding nicely if a little seriously so you could try to capture more the larks with your next one. Particularly liked the music selections with the sequences. Good job.

  2. Always gets me stoked! A few things I'd say: It seems you've used frame blending on export, hence the ghost frames. Also I'd say you need to use telephoto lenses a bit more - Pretty much the whole thing was shot wide-angle, which is good for seeing everything, but a few nice full frame telephoto shots would really push it to the next level.