Friday 11 December 2009

Sites i check...

Right been meaning to do a post on this for a while, plus its on my list of things to blog about so...

Here are a list of sites i check daily and why...some forums,some blogs,some sites.

First off some forums that are great for info:

A great forum for all things video, with special sections for all the HD-DSLRS

Good extreme sports photography forum, pay to join so not full of idiots

GREAT forum for all things photo, gear, all types of photos. great members and will answer anything.

Really the only mtb forum in the uk.... sorry haha



Some film guy from the usa, some very cool stuff

Great site for industry news and interviews

Some images blogs:

and an amazing bmx/art/photo/design blog. SO SO GOOD!


then theres flickr,pinkbike,facebook, dirt,vital,ride etc that i check but there all well known.

More propper updates soon!

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