Wednesday 7 January 2009

New camera!

As some of you , not to many may know about 3 weeks ago my camera broke and as they don't make the D50 anymore i got a D90 instead!

Not a D3/700 as I would ideally like but a definite upgrade so look out for some much cleaner images and more importantly i am going to start trying my mitts at some video as it has the feature i may as well try?

Anyway some time in the near future i am going to do some posts about my particular work flow routine , as well as a few things about how both the D50 and the D90 handle shooting out door sports hands on , and with the D50 at least with 2 years of SOLID use to base my views on.

so yeah , just a heads up really as what to expect , write ups on both those cameras , about my work flow and some vids !

Not to bad eh.

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