Monday 27 October 2008

Long time no post!

Sorry for the very distinct lack of posts as of late but i have had lots of school work to do , started a new job and have been taking photos for a number of things ( and partying ha ).

1: been working in the darkroom in school a lot working on contrast , dodging and burning and toning images all in the dark room and i am very happy with how that went and will get a pic of the prints up soon.

2: Have been taking photos of craftsmen for my A level ( potters , see a few posts back , carpenters , welders etc ) and researching other photographers and that's 1 of 3 A levels ha
3: small news for most , big news for me , first shot published in Dirt on its way ha! ( not a big shot)

4: and have been working on getting a cover for the latest issue of Wide Open magazine.
had the brief "autumn" so here are a few that i have got that i can put up , best few are kept back for the cover shortlist.

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