Wednesday 2 March 2011

BlindSummit2011 Photo Book

If you saw the post I put on here a few days ago with a peak at some of the photos from my dad and I's recent trip to climb Kilimanjaro you will be expecting the photo book...

Anyway I thought rather than have a gallery on my Flickr that was a bit clunky and slow I would put together a nice PDF photo book and get it up in Issuu.

With around 60 ish of the best images from the week, telling the story of the trip.

From sun sets to sun rises, from forests to glaciers to the people who made the trip you can see it all with some captions giving you a bit more of an insight in to the images.

I have put the book online free of charge for a reason, go look, and after looking at the photos hopefully you realise how much of an epic task this was and consider donating via the justgiving page:

Anyway the book

Let me know your thoughts and expect a short video summing the trip up soonish

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