Wednesday 9 March 2011

Bit of Devon XC

Over the past month or so me and my mate and fellow mountain bike videographer Mono ( the man behind footoutflatout and the MTBcut WC vids ) Have been going out and shoot photos on a few of the XC rides that are around the Tavistock area.

Needless to say if you have seen the photos below we live in a rather nice place to ride bikes. One shot is from a natural loop up on Dartmoor and the other from Gawton the trail center down here...

Anyway if you follow me on twitter ( @jacobgibbins ) you would have seen me tweet a sneak peak shot of a nice shot in the new issue of MBR from the same shoot as the Dartmoor shot below this morning...So thought I would pop up a couple of the other shots as they are just to nice to sit on my hard drive any longer ha

This First one was shot up above Burrator reservoir out near Pricetown.

Shot with the 80-200mm , in the late afternoon at the start of Feb...

The Second was taken a few weeks before the first shot out at Gawton the ever famous trail center and DH mecca down nr Tavistock. This shot was on the more XC track there HSD and also shot on the 80-200mm

Anyway , Ta to Mono for getting on his Orange 5 and giving me something to take photos of...and will get some more shots up soonish...Enjoy!

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