Wednesday 21 March 2012

First day with the Canon 5d3 ( photos and video )

Right as anyone that follows me on facebook or twitter will know I have been trying to work out what camera to upgrade to for the last 3-4 months, with word of Nikon bring out the D4 and D800 and Canon with the 5d3 just round the corner I thought it best to wait a few months and see how it all panned out.

Well as I'm sure you have guessed by now I went for the last of those options, switched from Nikon to Canon, got a whole new bag of gear ( and a bag for that matter, thanks Lowepro ) and went for the 5d3.

Now there where many reason for this but in short they where:

  • Great low light
  • Decent FPS ( , its all you need really )
  • Amazing video
  • Full Frame
  • Canon glass ( everyone uses it so good for borrowing stuff from friends )
  • Price ( OK OK 3k is a lot, but its not 5k for the Nikon D4 ) 
So those where my main reasons, and after just one day using it I'm very happy with my choice...

With all that in mind, I made some calls, got myself one of the first Body onlys in the country, and gave my mate and Wideopenmag rider and all round pinner and dream rider to film Jay Williamson a call, got him to drop what ever he was doing and come and crash lots and push up even more so I could play with my new toy... No real idea of what I wanted to get, just try some stuff out, see what the new glass was like, try all the new things on the 5d3 over my old D300s, try out my new slider etc

Here it is in video mode with the Rode mic, slider, headphones , LCDVF etc and all packed neatly in to my Lowepro bag

Anyway few photos first:

Lent over - ISO 400

Trying out the new IS pan mode on the 70-200
Great dynamic range from the FF sensor
Not really showing anything camera wise off, but look how low he is!?
Making sure the Nikon flashes work with the Canon gear, they do!
Trying out the new 15mm fisheye, nice and wide on the FF, gota make sure your feet don't get in the shot
Same spot but this time no flashes, dark woods, natural light ISO 6400! SO CLEAN!
Shit photo, but ISO 12,800 and its still very usable! WHAT!?
Another 6400 mind bender, dark woods can fear me now!

So yeah, its pretty amazing in low light, ISO 6400 is the new 400!

On my old Nikon D300s, which was not shit in low light by any means, 800 was the last usable ISO, 1600 at a push, that push with the 5d3 is now 25,000!!!!! SAY WHAT!?

O and the video:


All this was shot and edited in one day ( really an afternoon ). Started at 11am , home for 6pm , 2 hours editing.

All shot on the 5d3, 70-200 2.8 IS , 24-105 f4 IS and 15mm fish 2.8 , slider , tripod and one very willing rider!

Want to know anything else ?

Want to see more photos ?

Leave a comment below!

Ta J


few 100% crops of the high ISO shots, these have been edited, dodged, burned, compressed etc but they are 100% crops from the images in the above blog:

First os the normal riding shot, ISO 6400!

Second ISO 12,800


  1. can u provide full 100% crops please on your pics?

  2. Links to 100% crops added at the bottom!

  3. Awesome... Just what I've been looking for: A real world test of the 5D3... Thanks!!!

  4. Can you tell us what picture profile settings you were using for video?

  5. Contrast and sharpening all the way down, and saturation 2 stops down then graded the footage with MB looks

  6. That was a pleasure to read and watch. Look forward to more Jacob. All the best bud

  7. what kinda shutter speed do you use for the quick video? Thanks!

  8. Very impressed by your approach and work. All that in one afternoon, is great. Just got the D800, and was not sure if it was to be the 5D Mark III or D800 in regards to video. Have a feeling that Canon has a few extra pros on video that we havent heard of yet?

  9. Hi
    I am very interested to see some astro type long exposures on a clear night
    ISO 3200 and ISO 6400 shot wide open on a fast lens using a 3o second exposure
    using a wide angle lens

  10. What can you say about sharpness of video picture? Lots of test movies show that 5dm2 was sharper =(

  11. not bad raw from the camera but holds up for grading very well and then it looks great

  12. Interesting set up would you go for the 15mm fish over the Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8 L II USM Lens?