Wednesday 4 September 2013

Camera bags ( Vertex 300AW, Flipside 500AW, Flipside sport 20L ) and why you need a few

I seem to have amassed a fine collection of camera bags over the years. Looking back a few years you think you only need one, something that will go on your back and hold every bit of gear you own. Done.

But that's wrong, camera bags are just a tool and like most tools, you have different variations of them that are good at different jobs, think hammers, spoons, saws, cars, cameras even. You don't use a sledge hammer to put in a tack nor do you use a point and shoot to cover a world cup. Its that same idea that has over the last few years become apparent to me with regards to bags.

Have a few, not loads, but 3-4. Small one for some gear when your scouting, big one when you need all your photo and video gear, sport ones for when you need to ride for a while to get to a spot, you get the idea. Yes you could make do with one ( I did for the first few years of shooting ) but like everything, having the right tool for the job makes it much easier.

Here are 3 bags I use on a regular basis, what I put in them and when I use them. I have a few more but these are what I use 80% of the time:

Lowepro Vertex 300AW

This is my main bag for trips when I need to take a lot of gear. Its a big bag, robust and built for the outdoors. As you can see fits in all the gear I need to do both stills and video ( although to do both with full kits of each I do need 2 bags )

Taken it all over the world, and although the airline bins at check in beg to differ, it does fit in over head lockers as hand luggage filled right up, just dont let any one help you struggle in to the bins with it haha

Like I say, the go to bag for me, use it for 70% of jobs and has never let me down.

Lowepro Flipside 500AW

This is another one of Lowepro's more outdoor bags ( kind of works with what I shoot 90% of the time ) but its a little smaller than the Vertex. It is also a bit deeper which is great for putting gear in a hurry and with pro series bodies, when a grip is on or for video cameras.

It unlike the Vertex opens on the back panel meaning you don't have to get your back all muddy etc when putting the bag down and straps etc stay clean, again its an AW model meaning it has the built in rain cover that can pull out in a second.

The front pocket isnt quite big enough to squeeze a 15" laptop in anoyingly but this isnt to much of an issue as you can just leave the top poking out and strap it in with one of the many straps on the bag.

I tend to use it for jobs where I'm shooting stills or video, not both, jobs inside, or where I need nice fast access to gear. I took it out to Eurobike recently and it was perfect for the job.

Bit of a different layout with super fast access to flashes.

Lowepro Flipside sport 20L AW 

This is the newst bag of the 3, and also the smallest and lightest. It is those 2 reason why it gets used. When I go on shoots that mean riding as well as shooting, and where I know I will only have to shoot either photos or video this is the one to take. Small so doesnt swing back and try to make you do front flips all the time, loads of straps to hold it tight to your body and well padded, but on the flipside ( excuse that awfull pun ) its got enough room in it for loads of gear and doesnt feel like im loosing any features over say the Vertex.

If you dont have much gear, or ride a lot as well as shoot then this is the one to get.

Full of spares, chargers and Misc stuff at the moment. 

With all 3 of these bags, you get the built in AW cover and the fact its Lowepro and so will just work.

Its the bits of gear that just carry on working, in all weathers, despite all the abuse, that you don't notice. They don't shout about themselves they just get on with the task in hand. That is what a good camera bag should do. Carry all your gear and work flawlessly all the time so you don't have to worry about how safe your gear constantly.

Any more info or questions just ask in the comments below or via email.


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