Saturday 21 January 2012

Summer Euro road trips and the Capital...

Bit of a using up whats left in the fridge kind of post now...few photos that I shot with my shit old stock lens and my old D90 while on the road in Europe for a month this summer just gone. France,Italy,Switzerland,Germany etc between a few races, 5 of us in 1 van all with bikes etc, good times!

Anyway, few photos from that trip, just snap shots really but show what its like on the road and a bit of where I went that month, and then a few photos I took while in London the other week just after the London Bike Show. I was mainly shooting timelapeses but also shot a few normal photos here and there...So like I said, nothing bike related really, but just some nice photos that didn't seem to fit anywhere else...

Somewhere in the Alps, when you can snap this from the van you know your in the right kinda place
Mont Blanc just giving us a glimpse of its head
Al "Top Gun" Bond trucking
Lake Garda, the best place I have ever been...
Excuse all the dead bugs, but not a bad view to have from the van ?
Rural Northern Italy, nice...
The unseen reality of a month on the road following the WCs, 5 people, 7 bikes, all our gear, in the summer, with 3000 miles to cover...this is also after a big night out so we are all hanging to boot...

 Anyway fast forward 6 months, and I'm not in the back of a van going round Europe in the sunshine, but I'm in the very cold, but still sunny London for a few days, so have some photos of that...

Canary Wharf Tube station, so many rich people in such a small space ha
Nelsons Column in the evening sun
Tower Bridge looking all British and stuff
Some big shiny buildings
Big Ben from the square
Now under ground, a maze of concrete and pipes
people busy rushing for trains
crowds on there way in and out of the stations like sheep
Billy no mates wait for the doors to open
Some old cranes down in east London docks at sunset
Snap of Canary Wharf from Greenwich park

 Another post on Locals2 now its all wrapped up, some more tear sheets, and a few portraits I took not to long ago all in the blog post pipeline. Keep it locked, Ta J


  1. cool road trip photos...
    i never imagined lake Garda to be so huge looking... in my head it was like Burrator reservoir!! in reality it's like a flipping sea!!

    cool photos.

  2. Ha Burrator! Dartmoor vs the Alps.. hhmmmmmm