Monday 2 January 2012

Locals2 - Part 1 now online

This winter/off seasonI have been filming an extended web video/film with a few of the UKs top mountain bikers, the title I have given this project is Locals2.

Last off season ( 09/010 ) I did Locals(1) , that focused on my local riding scene around the South West, but I realised the limited scope of this both riders and story wise so for Locals2 went with the thought process of exploring a few of the best riders Locals, there home life in the off season, training, riding,party's, mates etc

Danny Hart, Josh Bryceland,Sam Dale,Alex Bond, Joe Smith, Olly Wilkins, Harry Molloy are the main riders, everyone from Wchamps, to up and coming riders so something for everyone.

The film went live up on Pinkbike who supported the project a good 2-3 weeks ago, but I have, as ever, been a bit busy and this blog is bottom of the list of things to keep on top of at the moment.

I have a new website in the works which should be changing that last point...

Anyway with out Further a do, Check out Locals2 Part 1:

Locals2 - Part 1 on

Thanks to everyone who made it possible for me to make this from Banshee, J -Tech and Pinkbike to Olly Wilkins for the logo design and everyone who gave me lifts, rode in the film, gave me a floor to kip on etc...

Please find a few good photo articles to go with the film here:

Part 2 with Hart, Mears and Molloy will be out in the coming weeks...

Ta J  

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