Monday 30 March 2009

The spanish adventure... Day 3 and 4

Hi again , sorry for no update yesterday but really didnt do anything in the day. was out on a HUGE nigth out m like out till 8 in the monring so spent all of sunday in the house/bed and just buzzed about here.

Today was a differant story alltogether though , up early ( for spain 11am ) and where filming all afternoon solid at the sram test track for FOFO2 till about 8pm.

Both me and mono got some killer stuff , but you will have to wait till i get home and can get to photoshop to see any of the best stuff ( it broke on my laptop out here )

Anyway , few photos and their captions:

Tom Deacon getting loose on a dusty turn while being fimed by mono for FOFO2.
they where getting this turn so low and raged till they fell off and we moved on ha

Harry riding some steep rocky very dusty sram test track. raged and loose as you like and still kept it on the wheels ( most of the time )

Rob Deacon doing some freeriding down the SRAM test track , to quote harry" it was flopping about all over the place "

The gang down a cafe in the local town having some bacon sarnies and coffee after a hard days filming for FOFO2 , thats harry , rob , tom and mono waiting for the food and drinks.

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