Friday 13 March 2009

Got £1000 worth of new things ( tripod , HD , bag )

Hi , sorry for such a long time since i last updated this but i have been flat out with school.

got about 3 Essays in for a few weeks from now , had a photography project deadline in , tests in everything , results etc .... been manic.

Well i in the last few weeks have invested a good few pennys in new equipment , tripods , bags , HD , and a new lens , all coming to over £1000!

A lot of the things i bought where things i didnt think i would have ever needed a few years ago but things that have become very nessesery.

First off i got a Nikon 80-200 2.8 lens , since i broke my old lens this is its replacement and i have only just got round to buying it.

I also got a nice new velbon dv-7000 fluid head video tripod so i can take my videos to that next step of profesionalism. it was hard spening £100 ( i know thats cheap for video fluid head tripods ) on a tripod but it was well worth it , its fully adjustable , totaly metal construction , and smooth as you like.

I also have been filling up my old 250 gig HDD so got a new laCie 1TB drive so i should be ok for space for the next year. so i now back up the previous years images to the 250 drive.

I also got my self a nice new bag... now it was a bit of a gamble going for a new brand with Tamrac but im glad i did , not paying for the lowe pro name and so you get far mroe for your money.

I got the Expedition 8 , its the biggest bag they do and was about £150 but will last me years and has room for me to buy a few more big lens's and flashes without having to worry.
At one time i thought my old bag would never be filled with gear but that time came a good few months ago ha.
And with my trip to spain in a few weeks where i will be riding all day with all my gear and a tripod on my back i needed a nice solid bag.

Anyway thats about all the news from me.

With any luck will be out on the weekend shooting a new Video with James Matthews , putting a lot more thoguht and effort in tothis one so should be a step up from my last one.

getting on with school work and waiting very impatiently till i can get over to the dusty southern spanish trails!!!!!

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