Monday 16 March 2009

James Matthews Tavi woodlands Photos/Video

Right me and my new tripod , and shaddy ass shoulder steady cam thing i knocked up with a teners worth of piping from focus do it all went out on sunday in some AMAZING weather and made a film and some photos.

James Matthews was the guy infront of the lens all day and as always a true pro , over and over again , till i got it right , always me at fault he nails lines time after time and at mach 10 each time to. so Ta man.

Anyway enough of that...

Got out there at 9am and left the hill at 5pm , solid shooting , was a hard day but i think the results speak for themselfs. really happy with the stills and the video.

Had to hold a few of the images back for so they will see light soon enoough.... till then enjoy the video , photos and i would love to hear what every one thinks of it , what can be made better etc

James Matthews Riding Tavi woodlands from jacob gibbins on Vimeo.

A good few more photos on my flickr at

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