Wednesday 23 January 2013

Recent published work

With a number of different magazines out each month keeping track of where you photos pop up is a little difficut at times and takes a day of sorting thorough magazines to work out. For me this happens every 2-3 months, when I get some snaps of it all and throw it up in a blog post like this.

Its all well and good seeing photos on a screen, but theres something ncie about seeing the end product, in your hands.

With work in MBUK, Dirt, MBR, brochures for 661, Saracen, Genesis etc its not been a bad month or 3 in terms of my images getting in print, check out a bit of it all below:

First the 2013 Saracen bikes brochure, being the DH teams photographer last year as well as doing 2 non race shoots for them for Ads and this brochure, looks great in the flesh and nice to see the designers pick my fav images for a change ( often not the way it goes )

Then there was the Madison stall at the London bike show last week, a few more of my photos but this time much larger than normal:

Few other Saracen releated things from Magazine Adverts, Dealer packs etc:

Then some images I shot for 661 for their 2013 brochure, both cover, contents and a few inside shots:

Then there are a few of my photos in the 2012 issue of Random photography magazine: 

Then some other magazine stuff from SNAP pages of Dirt, Articles in MBUK, MBR, Dirt etc and a few adverts for DMR, Genesis etc

Anyway That will do for now, I have missed a lot out from these lot, to see the rest check out my Flickr stream here:

Expect another post with even more recently published stuff in the coming days.



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  1. nice work fella. love the saracen cover.