Friday 11 January 2013

New Aspect Media web site is live!

It has been a few weeks in the making and many months in the planning, but we are very proud to announce the new Aspect Media web site is now live!

We got James Webber on the job for making it, he did a great job, on time, on budget and working in everything we needed.

It has everything from info on us and the new company, videos, still images, clients, contact info, social media integration etc

What more could you want ?! 

Anyway go on, have a look about, watch some videos, look at some photos, leave a comment on here or on our facebook page, or tweet us with your thoughts.

As its such a new site, if you do happen to find a bug, let us know and we can send James an angry email and make him fix it haha ( it wont be angry at all ) 



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