Tuesday 23 August 2011

Val Di Sole - WC finals 2011

The last 3 ish weeks have been some what of a blur...

A blur of Vans, Motorways, bikes and pixels...Obviously not literally, or I wouldn't be doing my job very well would I!

Anyway Last year I loved shooting at Val Di Sole, the weather, the track, the dust all just made for some great images, and this year was no different...

If you read this thing at all regularly you will have been seeing my daily photo updates on all week, but for those that missed it here are a few of my favs that got posted up throughout the week... for more check out the site via the link just above...

4 days at home to enjoy my Birthday ( which I very nearly forgot ha ) and to catch up on the more boring side of work before heading back off to the Alps for the Worlds in Champery then up to the BDS finals in Ft Bill!



  1. Bob Bogdan Williams23 August 2011 at 17:12

    i f**ing love your work mate

  2. shots still as sick as ever dude!

  3. shots still as sick as ever dude!