Tuesday 9 August 2011

La Bresse WC mega photo post!

I know I start a good deal of posts here with some kind of apology for not posting more, so I thought why break tradition with this one haha

Busy travelling, working, and when I’m not doing either of those things riding, writing blog posts has taken somewhat of a back seat as of late.

Anyway I thought I would come back in with a bit of a banger of a post...

As you may have noticed I never seem to post many images up from races, this is because magazines and websites won’t run or pay you for photos that have already been seen by the masses. So most of the time the images sit on my hard drives for months on end doing abosolute sweet FA.

So this week’s WC race in La Bresse France I thought I would be a bit more out there and post some of the better photos from the week up online via http://wideopenmag.co.uk/

See those posts here:



Anyway here are a few from those posts, and a few ones just for this blog...

Nice house right next to the track...
Gwin in his finals run, hard to get something with that finals feel and still be a good image riding and angles wise

Rat boy with the roosty grass shot

Matti L in the steep rocky shoot at the top

Gee getting the back end out up top
Jack Reading in the bottom feild

Some random dude throwing some mad styling shapes

Marc B in his quali runs in the rock garden section of the track

Anyway for plenty more shots see my FB group here:


I will also be doing more of these updates right through Val Di Sole next week so tune in to WO everyday during that race for some bangers...


Now time to go ride some bikes instead of taking photos of them ha

Ta J

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