Monday 13 June 2011

Leogang seconds

The last few weeks have been pretty flat out for me, busy tripping round Europe following the races. After the last update on here I have been out to Austria to the 3rd round of the WC in Leogang. A great race, great track and even better riding ( I got a run or 2 in on the bike as well )

Anyway here are a few of the seconds from the race, for the real bangers keep an eye on various magazines in the coming weeks/months.

Pan of Brendog in the green

Brayton and his beat up legs

Mick Hannah in the woods

Bren in the woods

Blenki in the top berms

Brendog in the flat open section

Danny Hart pinned at the top of the hill

O,Connor in the woods

Danny Hart with a fucking HUGE whip

One of the CG riders

Danny again

Scott 11 rider in the bottom woods

Random rider in the bottom wood shoot of death ha

Random dude with a horrible whip, but nice photo...

Anyway, got a few new tear sheets, blog articles,new work etc coming up, and as I'm home for more than a few days this blog should return to normal very soon.




  1. is brendan in focus in the one of "Brendog in the flat open section"?
    great photos!

  2. Only just, its soft thats why its online and not being kept back for magazines...