Tuesday 26 April 2011

Gawton Summer Ride/550d Test

Last week I got a nice new toy, the Canon 550d! I know this may come as a shock to all who know me as a Nikon user, but the video the Canon shoots is just SO much better It was time I made the switch...

Anyway got myself an adapter from Ebay for 30 quid, so now my manual Nikon glass just slots right on.

So last week I was dieing to use it, so called up my mate/local/pinner Ash Mullane and hatched an idea for a video. Shoot only in the last hours of light all on good days on all the tracks at Gawton for a chilled summer riding vid...so that's just what we did...the blurb from Vimeo says it all really:

"Ash Mullane has a chilled out ride down at Gawton in Devon in the summer sun... Filmed over 3 evenings during evening light at Gawton on all 3 tracks.

First video I have shot with the Canon 550d using Nikon lens's and an Adapter ring...

80-200 2.8

15mm 2.8
50mm 1.8 "

See the vimeo page here:


or here:

Gawton Summer Ride/550d Test from Jacob Gibbins on Vimeo.

and some photos to go with it from the shoots...

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  1. there were some parts of the new track were,nt ther

  2. Well spotted! Few shots on some new loamy roosty stuff on the new track just for filming. I got it all OKd by the powers that be though so stay off it for now...