Friday 4 February 2011

Jay Williamson: Profiles # 3

Number 3 in a new series of short web videos im doing over the off season with various riders.

The idea is 2-3 minutes long, short interviews just getting to know some of the riders a bit better, who they are, why they ride etc

Number 3 is with Jay Williamson, A junior level racer from Cornwall riding the steep tech DH trail down at Gawton in the mist and rain...

Not the perfect weather to shoot in, but interesting weather makes interesting footage...

Anyway some photos and the video bellow...

For the full release see WOs site here:

Few screen grabs from the video...

Few photos from the shoot:


  1. As always a stunning image, congratulations.
    What camera you use for video? A DSLR?
    And for the movement?
    Gustavo from Spain.

  2. Thanks man.

    I use a nikon D300s as main camera and D90 as second at the moment...and manfrotto and home made dollys for movement ( search dolly on this blog for a DIY how to )