Saturday 29 January 2011

MBUK feature: how to build trails legally

A few months ago I did an article for MBUK on the trails I have been heavily involved in getting built in my hometown. They are fully legal, and all above board.

Anyway BikeRadar has now put the article up online for all to read for free, so go check it out.

Photos and words by yours truly...

On a different note, the Simon Aplins "Profiles" Edit I did for made it to Pinkbikes video of the day yesterday, so whoop on that, all good news!

See the blog post on the video and photos here:

and the video on pinkbike here:

Got a pretty fun few weeks coming up busy shooting for a few different things with a few different people in a few different places, then on the 16Th head off to Africa to walk up some hill or something, more info on that soon.

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