Friday 2 April 2010

WideOpen Issue 12, The Cover shot!

Right last week the new issue of WO ( came out with one of my fav shots from the last year or so on the cover...

Had been shooting photos all day at gawton with Lee, Will Soffe, and one of there mates called Jon, anyway last 15 mins of light of the day was this.

Stunning golden sun shining right on to the track through the trees, his red kit, the light, the jump, the table it all just came together...

Tech info:

Tried shooting it natural light and it didnt work so well, needed some fill, so broke out the flashes but they where far to bright/harsh agaisnt the lush golden sun light, so taped (litteraly) a flash up in a tree to the camera right with an orange gell on it... plus a rim light behind the take off made this:

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