Tuesday 6 April 2010

Lowe pro Flipside 500 aw

Right a few weeks ago I was sent an email from a guy called Tim at lowepro who wanted to give me a bag, i said alright...

They have put together this bag aimed at the outdoor photographer and wanted to get it in to the hands of the people its aimed at before they bring it out in a year or so for public sale.

So a few days ago now this landed on my door step, i unpacked it like it was christmas and swapped all my gear in to it.

First thoughts are its nice, well made,enough room for all the gear i have while still being compact and small, always a plus when hand luggage regulations and what your camera bag is governed by.

Well padded in side and out, as the photos show enough staps for 3 tripods, big front pocket that fits in my biggest lunch box and water bottle with ease ( or a laptop ? what ever you find more important ) its comfy and as i said in the first sentance of this just nice.

Few photos of it here, any more questions just ask away:


  1. adam stephenson6 April 2010 at 11:21

    what kind of retail price are we looking at for these?....

  2. i have no idea as i was given it and its not out for a year... but im guessing 100-150 ball park

  3. These bags will not be launched to the public as they have been specially made as an industry only project. The feedback we get from the team of pros we are working with will naturally feed into our design process, so you may see something similar to it...one day :-)

    Tim ( @LoweproUK on Twitter )