Sunday 22 February 2009

Photo Shoot update

Hey , know i havnt posted for a few days or so , been busy with moving the house around , school work , and the photoshoot with bike company X.

The shoot itself went really well i think and so did the client , got a lot of shots that where just what they where after.

Great team , team managers , weather , track etc.

Few hickups mind , getting the wrong train at 6am for 3 stops and making myself an hour or so late , and cards failing and deleting a few hundred photos ( all recovered, dont worry , and the RAW files to )

Will get some photos up as soon as i can , but its taking a bit of time editing it all.

Cant wait for spain , gona be some AMAZING images and Videos come out of that trip i asure you.

Will post more news/photos when i can.

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