Friday 6 February 2009

D90 ISO test ( and snow )

Right the area i live in has been hit by the snow good and propper

Here is a vid of some of my mates 10 mins drive from my place in the snow
(not my video)

They have had a good 3-4 foot of snow all over and mroe in places where it gathers.

5 miles away in Tavistock ( where i live ) we got 3 inches ha still better than nothing but not that good.

plan is to head out to theres on sunday for a walk/snow board mish.

Anyway enough about the dam white stuff thats bringing our country to its knees....

D90 High ISO....

Out at Gawton yesterday shot my mate sat on his bike just to compair , not to bad considering its 6400!

Iso 6400:

Iso 200:

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