Thursday 23 October 2014

Recent work - Aug/Sept

As ever, no posts for ages. We all know why, working! Its a good problem to have I know.

Anyway the last few months have been manic as ever for Aspect. Work of all kinds, all over the place and seemingly all the time. Here are just a few of the recent videos we have put out in the last month or so...

Sam's World

Web series following the two Sam's to some nice places riding and doing there thing. Working along side Monster energy through the whole creative process and we have just put out part two from Cali.


A documentary that one half of Aspect, Chris Seager helped shoot, as part of a killer team and as part of his final uni project. Staff pick on Vimeo, picked up by Dazed and amazing feedback.


This year Aspect covered Whistler Crankworx for EpicTV. Great week shooting, here is the video from Whip Off.

Science In Sport

Last year we worked with sports nutrition company Science in Sport quite a bit on various projects. Here is a short mash up of some clips from the various jobs to give you an idea of the stuff we shot. 


Trippin World Wide. 3 mates travel all over the world, riding bikes and having a good time. Showing the viewer some of the more off the beaten path places to check out etc Episode 3 came out a few weeks back from Whistler. 

Back on Track

Now we didn't produce this amazing series for Redbull but we where extra camera men at all the EWS rounds this year for it. So a lot of the footage in the episodes is ours ( about half ) . Great to be involved in such a good series and nice to see our footage used to its potential and not butchered. 

So there you have it. This isn't even everything we have put out in the last month or so, there's more ( keep up on everything we do via our facebook ) there's photo shoots, meetings, planning etc etc

But hopefully if you watch some of these videos, you can let us off not putting up too many blog posts. Saying that its "off season" now so here's to a few more of these things over winter.


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