Thursday 3 November 2011

Few things a bit different...

Wanted to call this post "bikes,boards and beats" but the tacky detector in my head wouldnt let me haha 

Over the last few weeks I have had the chance to shoot a few events that are a bit out of the norm for me. Freeze snow sports festival in London and a Hospitality club night in Oxford. Now I like watching snowboarding etc, and like going to festivals, so this one was a bit of a no brainer, take the camera, have some fun, shoot some photos. DONE. Put that with a great night out after in London and seeing one of my filmer/biker mates who's at uni there and that's that. As for the Hospitality night in Oxford, that was something I have wanted to do for a few years. For those that know me I'm a huge drum and bass head, go to a load of these nights all over so getting a VIP pass for one, shooting photos of some of my fav artists was pretty sweet... Then was a BMX road trip round Cornwall with a load of 30-40 year olds. Loose as shit and great busy drinking to take many photos as this was mainly a holiday but I cant do a holiday without taking a few photos ha Anyway have a look below for a few of my favs and a bit about them:

View from the top of the Roll in at Freeze
Looking down from the jump over the festival and London beond
Pretty scarry looking down the death slide of ice
Some nutter doing a spinny thing
Held at the big old power station in the middle of London its nice and easy to get to
Then was Hospitality:
Spy getting the job done
The MCs on the night where top notch
Having never shot in a club before it was learn fast or get shit photos, hard work getting good shots in there
And a few of the 20"
My mate Joe doing a little whip/tyre slide thing
mini pocket air while some of the other "old fools" look on 

Anyway that wraps it up for another blog post, if you read all of it thanks. If you just looked at the photos your not reading this anyway ha

More on the second shoot for Locals2 with Josh Bryceland and Sam Dale in the next day or so...

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