Sunday 16 October 2011

My gear...

For quite a while now I have been asked to do a post on the gear I use...

I have put it off and off as I believe that gear isn't as much of a factor on your work as you are...Give someone who can use it a camera phone and a total novice a D3s and see who's photos look best...

That aside I thought I would sum it up, and say where I think my next upgrade will be coming from, from here on its going to get a bit nerdy, so if you don't like geek speak click back now haha


They go everywhere with me and house all my gear, they get lugged up mountains, dragged through airports and thrown in cars and vans the world over and keep all my shit in a pile so to speak...

First up is the F-stop Satori, the big bag that holds all the shooting gear, the one that comes up most mountains with me and that I use day in day out at all horse, fits everything in,comfy,not broke yet... 

Next up is the Lowe Pro flipside 500 A, I use this bag for all my other gear, GoPros, cables,chargers,laptops,spare flashes and spare back up body ( being in a different bags just common sense ) and also when I need to ride for any distance on a shoot as its much smaller and lighter than the Fstop...

Shooting gear:

( excuse the shite photos, taken on my phone as to have all nice cameras in the shot )

This is what I use at the moment, if you read at the end of the post I will outline what my plans are with regards to upgrades etc

The shooting kit:

From left to right we have:

  • Nikon D90 with 18-70 ( back up stills body )
  • Nikon D300s with 80-200 
  • Canon 550d with 15mm fish ( filming camera )
  • 2 Nikon SB800 flashes with some PW2s for triggering 
  • 50mm prime, spare battery's
few small tripods for flashes, Rode Mic and LCD viewfinder, lens cloth and blower... that's what goes in the main bag most of the time along with a few other small bits and bobs...


We have in the hard case in the photo, film gear, spare flashes and triggers, few flash softeners and diffusers and some cables, then there is all the chargers for everything, various travel adapters, all the gopro stuff with enough mounts etc, hard drives and cables for back up on the move , good set of headphones for editing with, and the bag of misc junk...

The other stuff:

Now there is a bit missing from this photo, few more stills tripods but they are in the car and I couldn't be bother to go get them for this photo, just cheap 20 quid tripods , also the rails for the dolly, and the Astars tog jacket, coat and boots ( vital bits of gear ) 

But in the photo is a good sturdy golf umbrella, Manfrotto tripod for filming, the dolly cage and the laptop ( Quad core, 6gb ram, 1gb graphics , 750 HDD etc for editing everything on the go ) 

So that is in a nutshell the gear I use to shoot everything...there are other bits and bobs that I use but 90% of its here.

New camera?

Now you may wonder why I use both Nikon and Canon cameras, and its simply thanks to the fact Nikons camera suck for video. So I run a Canon with an adapter and run all my Nikon glass. This is a bit annoying so if the rumors of a new Nikon camera out this winter come to fruition then I will sell the Canon and go back to a full Nikon system if the video specs are up to scratch. Now depending on if this new camera they may or may not bring out is full or cropped sensor will also decide what new wide angle set up I get...but that's all pie in the sky till we know what the new cameras like...

Any more questions about anything leave them bellow, real blog post with some stuff from the first few shoots for Locals2 coming up in the next week or so as well...

Ta J


  1. Whats the AF speed like on the 80-200?

  2. Good, fast enough to use for MTB stuff anyway. Mine could do with a service soon mind haha

  3. Cheers for the reply :)