Saturday 21 May 2011

3 Bits of advice...

There are lot of things I get asked on a pretty regular basis, and one that keeps popping up is what advice would you give to an aspiring photographer who's looking to try and make some money doing this...

There are all the normal bits of advice that go with most kinds of business, be polite, work hard, do the very best you can etc... they all go with out saying, its just common sense.

I think the 3 things that have got me to where I am now are these though...

  • Shoot as often as you can
Get out and take photos as much as you can, try all the buttons, try things out, learn by making mistakes. So many people are scared of failing, but without failing when it doesn't matter and theres nothing riding on it is how you learn, and quite often how you stumble across things that look really good. Work out what your doing wrong and don't do that thing again, if something works out well, work out why so you can do it again.
  • Shoot what you want, how you want
Shoot what you have a passion for. If you really have a passion for something and understand it that will show in the photos. Second shoot it how YOU want, not how someone else is doing it. Yes copy people you admire, but not exactly always add your twist. If your work looks exactly like someone Else's work, why should people look at yours?

  • Look at other peoples work
Look at other photographers work and work out how they did it, how you can do something like it. work out what you like, what you don't like. Don't just stick to photographers shooting the same stuff as you, I look at a lot of Ad and fashion photographers work, I also look at a lot of videos, graphic design, listen to a LOT of music and generally surround myself with creative work of all types.

I will be doing another blog post soon on the photographers that inspire me, and some of my aspirations and how I went from shooting photos on my dads compact to making money doing what I love...



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