Saturday 20 November 2010

Goon Ride ( Dolly test )

The other afternoon I finaly had the last part for my new Dolly ive been making the last month delivered.

So I just wanted to get out and try it out on something slightly more taxing than the walls and flowers in my garden, So gave my mate mono ( filmer for MTBcut ) a call and said lets go out the woods, I need to try this out, you like riding whats not to like WIN WIN!?

Where down there shooting about 45 mins till it started raining, so well called it a day, Came home and spent 15 mins editing. thats a 2 min riding web vid turned round from start to online in an hour...

And we thought, with all the vids out there of people just riding, that arnt pros, so we went for the goon ride approach.

Anyway, enjoy, the only real clips in this thing both in terms of riding and shooting are the last two... just a bit of fun...more polished vids coming in the near future of some much better riders.

Will get some snaps and a DIY step by step of the dolly online in the coming days....

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