Thursday 5 August 2010

Val Di Sole

Hi people (all 3 of you) that follow this thing!

Sorry for the lack of updates but when im at a WC working, there is very little time to do anything but the job in hand, up at 7am, working till 8pm, then dinner and assing about with bangers...

Anyway the same thing I did with Champery, just a few of my fav shots from the week that went up on and

Also got a few new bits of published work that I will be blogging about in the next week, so keep it locked!

Off to the the next round of the BDS tomorrow, will update from that on monday or tuesday.

Cant put any of the real bangers up as there with Mags, Anyway Enjoy...

ps: Im looking for work for next years WC season, interested email me...

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