Sunday 4 July 2010

Locals Gawton 1:04

If you read Dirt mag you will have seen in the new issue the article I did ( words and photos ) of all the fastest locals doing the 1:04 at Gawton...

Anyway here are 2 snaps I got on the day that they didnt pick for the article.

From the whole days shots, these are the only 2 they didnt pick though, and when you hand over all the photos to a magazine they always pick all the ones you didnt like, and the ones you loved never see print, and I was really happy with the photos they ran so not to bad...

Anyway One of Adam Lock, and one of Luke Ball ( who leaves for a new life down under on tuesday, was out for his good bye ride today ) will miss ya man!


  1. excellent photos, shame about the spelling. not being annoying just offering some constructive criticism, just think it takes away a bit from the proffesional aspect. no offense meant !

  2. none taken, and will make sure its better in future, thanks for letting me know what I should be working on.