Sunday 13 June 2010


This idea is a blatent rip off of the origonal concept by chasejarvis...I just want people to know I am not trying to pass this off as my idea...

But that aside I watched his Frames videos and loved the idea so much, the thought that showing and not hiding the fact not every image you take is gold, theres a lot of shit to get to the good stuff even for people who know what there doing, So I thought I would put one together.

This is all the shots from a full day of shooting from the IXS cup at inners a few weeks ago, back to back... some 5-600 images in all...

Music by Royksop


  1. Hi Jacob,

    I'm really impressed with this and would really like to give it a go myself. Can I ask what software you used to make the video?


  2. Sony Vegas pro 9. email me a link to what you make would be interested to see it

  3. Thank you. I will do if i get something done.