Wednesday 5 May 2010

Bulgaria wrap up photos...

Got back home this evening for 24 hours before heading off to the BDS in Ft Bill thurday rest for the wicked eh!

Anyway on my last day in Bulgaria i had a day set aside to do some riding, and take a few snaps of the guys i was riding with, nothing for anyone just needed to get out and ride a bike after watching them all weekend.

As these dont have any end client in mind can post em up on here...

Few more on my Flickr here:

And on a differant and frankly amazing note, as everything in Bulgaria is cheap as chips if not cheaper look at where we stayed for a few nights... Big apartment in the middle of the capital city, huge, 2 bathrooms,kitchen,common room,wifi etc etc

all for.....about £10 a night! its bonkers!

Anyway Have to be away from home by 5 again tomorrow, so a flat out day of editing the video from Bulgaria, some other bits and bobs, then blogging from the BDS starts...Chow!

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  1. still can't get over that apartment for £12 per night!