Saturday 27 March 2010

Luke Ball Web Edit and photos...

I had a few days where i didnt have anything going on before i get busy shooting videos/photos/races etc for a month or so non stop, so gave my mate Luke Balla call and asked if he was up for a shoot, after the last one that did pretty well getting on every major MTB site in the world pretty much, after another 6 months of riding, lots of new gear etc, i thought i would go and film him on his home tracks, the ones he knows like the back of his hand, and it shows i think!

Shot like every video i do on a Nikon D90, 80-200,50 1.8, and 15mm fish eye, editing in vegas.

With all the videos i do for Dirt and other people, i am restricted as to where i can put them, and by putting one magazines logos on them, others arnt so keen to link them up, so its good to do some personal work like this every now and again where i have full control from start to finish.

Also shot a few photos through out the day, here they are, colour/BW versions on my flick stream here:

Luke Ball Wet winter ride from jacob gibbins on Vimeo.


  1. Liking 1 and 5. Others seem a bit "snappy".

  2. getton milkstrum...pretty dam good buddy!!