Sunday 24 January 2010

Interview with me...

One of my mates Martin Brown interviewed me as part of his A level photography course and said i could put a copy of it up on here so anyone who reads this can have a nosey...

Jacob Gibbins Interview Jan 2010-01-24
Martin Brown

How did you get into photography?

I first got in to photography 3-4 years ago and it came from wanting to see how I was riding. so I would take some photos of my mate show them to him, he would some of me etc etc until they started saying no you take one of me your good at it...

Did you teach yourself or were you taught?

I taught myself through trial and error. pressing all the buttons and wishing I hadn't pressed most of them right after...
I did do an a level in photography but all it taught me way about film and darkroom etc and gave me a chance to do work outside my normal comfort zone.

How long have you been a ‘serious photographer’?

Been taking photos with an aim to take good photos for 2-3 years, and started making money from it 2 years ago. ish I didn't really count when I started.

How important is Photo shop and other editing software in your final images?

Very every image that I put online goes through photo shop. just tweaks to most of them to make them as good as they can be. and with the direction its all going its getting more important. I mean you can make a career out of being good in photo shop?!

How important is it to you, to get your photos right first time without editing?

ERM I have to get composition right straight off and crop 5% of my images. don't like cutting away parts of an image.
as for lighting and the technical aspect of a photo you have to get them right in camera, every photographer aims to not to need to use photo shop. but we all do. but sometimes if there is something in the way or no way of getting round it I shoot knowing I can change or fix it on post.

What is the most memorable shoot you have done?

I would say my first ever paying gig, the 2stage shoot and the week ive spent in Spain so far... but I think I will by the end of this year have a whole new idea of what memorable is.

How many shots do you take on your average shoot and how many will you put
online or get published in magazines?

If I spent a whole day shooting I will take on average 2-500 shots. if I get 75% of them good enough to go to print im happy.
If I shot 100 photos 80 would be good, 20 would make it online, 10 would be used by someone for something and 1 or 2 may make it in to a mag.

How do you make your subjects feel more relaxed in front of the camera?

By being me, ive always been a people person and very social, im also very easy going and seem to get on with everyone I come across. just gauge what they are like, what they find funny etc and go with it, make jokes, take the piss, and be confident, and show them what your shooting as you go so they know your not making them look like weapons.

What would you say the most challenging thing is about photographing mountain biking?

The weather, the endless list of variables from the rider, you, my equipment there bikes etc etc if the weathers good the challenge is all in your head, trying take images that are great. if the weathers shit you just have to work a bit harder to find the motivation to do that.

As a photographer which other photographer inspire you?

PhotographerS, and more than I can list, when im not working or riding or out doing something I just scroll through blogs and websites of 1000s of photographers. there is so much amazing work out there and readily available on the net that its hard no to be inspired by some of it.

Any photography sites and blogs you visit often?

Dirt,vital,pinkbike,ride,defgrip bmx blog,therewasrain, yimmysyayo,rudelife,asmithphotography,thegroundctrl are just a few of them.

Do you advertise? And if so how?

In a way. my blog and site, being active members of clubs and forums etc, being on all the social networking sites, making films etc

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Abroad, taking photos of what ever I can.

Thanks a lot

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