Wednesday 25 November 2009


Right well i spent the last day and a half designing and building a dolly track and carrage.

I have always loved the shots they produce so thought with a few vid shoots coming up it was time i made one.

So i butchered my brothers mountain board for its trucks and wheel and foundsoe sturdy pine planks in the shed and some other bits and bobs and made one!

Its first outing today went well, and i have a few things i need to fix and tweak in the next fw days before i use it again but all in all happy with it. works well and gives good clean looking shots that i coulnt have got without it.

Anyway went out my local woods for 3 hours with my mate/local/pinner Harry Steer.

So few photos then the vid, will put up another when i have it fully 100% finished and also have a few bigger names on the locals project now with the likes of jim davage and ben baker both on the cards.



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  1. That is one nice dolly! The footage is great. I also made my own dolly. Here: