Friday 25 September 2009

Barrel Processed

Just a shot from schladers of barrel in the grassy turns. just loved the black and white so much i had to put it up , and the CP one just cos i wasnt to sure and thought id put it on here. let me know what ya think.


  1. Love the colors so much! Should i ask you whats your photo gear as im looking into new lens so i need a little help ;) Im looking if the Canon IS stabilization is good or not for shooting races. (looking for Canon 80-200 2.8 L USM)

  2. i use nikon gear but the nikon version of that the VR lesn's are good , you can turn it off if your shooting bikes , and turn it on when shooting other stuff where it may be usefull.

  3. i think i prefee the one with the pink hue. its more accessible to my emotions or somthing! x