Monday 29 December 2008

My year .... very short version

Right i have had an amazing year as far as photography is concerned really not anything like
what i want and will acheive if i can help it...but a good start.

I have been everwhere so it seems ( well everywhere in the uk ) from all corners of wales , scotish highlands , all over the palce litteraly so has been a fun year.

Have also had my first printed magazine cover shot , first stuff published in Dirt had lots more work in wideopen , so not all to bad really.

Here are just a few of my Fav images from personal work i have done.

Images from shoots and events further down.

I have been all over the palce from Races , to the Fort Bill WC , Red Bull Empire of dirt etc
and they have all been amazing ! some great experience , met some amazing people and walked away with what i think are some amazing images

Just a few from those:

I have also been working with a mate of mine Aaron "mono" bartlett a good deal this year going on a lot of shotos for his First DH mtb dvd so that has been amazing and i got all the cover art work and some amazing photos.

Just a few of my favs from the filming of FOFO: of Rowan Sorrel , Sam Dale , Ash Mullane , Alex Bond , Joe Smith , Matt Simmonds , just some of the amazing riders i have worked with this year ... Thanks guys

Anyway , Thanks for looking at this blog ( thats if anyone does look at this ) let me know what you think , always nice to get some crit.
Thanks and lets hope 09 brings what 08 did and plenty more.

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